Texas Leads the Way in Wind Energy Generation

Posted by Crystal Olenbush on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 at 4:10pm.

The recent stimulus package included a great deal of funding that is to be used toward the development and implementation of renewable energy initiatives. For Texas residents, however, this new push toward the use of renewable energy is nothing new. In fact, according to the American Wind Energy Association, the state ranks number one in terms of new wind power generation capacity.

Thanks to the fact that the state added 454 additional megawatts of wind energy to its generating capacity in the second quarter of 2009, the state is now able to generate more than 8,000 megawatts of energy. According to the American Wind Energy Association just 1,210 megawatts of new wind power has been added nationwide, but even this amount is able to power 350,000 homes.

“The numbers are in, and while they show the industry has been swimming upstream, adding some 4,000 megawatts over the past six months, the fact is that we could be delivering so much more,” said Denise Bode, who is the CEO of the American Wind Association, in a Biz Journals article. “Our challenge now is to seize the historic opportunity before us to unleash this entrepreneurial force and build up an entire new industry here in the U.S. that will create jobs, avoid carbon and strengthen our energy security. To achieve that, Congress and the administration must pass a national renewable electricity standard with strong early targets.”

In all, the top states in terms of wind power generation were:

•    Texas
•    Iowa
•    Missouri
•    Washington
•    California

When it comes to the amount of growth that has occurred during the second quarter, Texas came in the fifth position, with an increase of 6%. Missouri was the fastest growing state, with an expansion of 90%.

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