August 2010

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The Americans for Prosperity Foundation reports that Texas added more jobs to its job market than any other state during the month of May. In fact, the study found that the state added 43,600 jobs to its employment roster. In addition, the Texas Workforce Commission and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics have found that Texas enjoyed the greatest amount of growth within the non-agricultural job market when comparing month to month while also achieving the greatest monthly increase over a three year period. In the Austin region alone, about 2,000 jobs were added in May. This is certainly good news for all of Austin’s residents, including those who have managed to hold onto a job throughout the recession, as the addition of jobs is indicative of a

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According to a list recently released by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Austin was selected as the number one best city to live in for the next ten years. A number of factors were taken into consideration when developing this list, though the primary focus was placed on those cities that were considered to have the most positive business climates combined with the most unique “livability” appeal. According to the report, the capital city is “arguably the country’s best crucible for small business” the report goes on to say that “Austin has spawned many companies with unique twists that have gone nationwide.”

The great success of many businesses with their roots in Austin isn’t the only reason Austin took the number one position, however, as the magazine

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