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We have a new listing in Forest Creek!  This former model home has many upgrades.  The home has been meticulously maintained and is move-in ready!  The exterior is limestone with brick accents, and the interior is gorgeous.  The property has 4 Bedrooms and 2 Baths, hardwood and tile flooring, island kitchen, sprinkler system, and a great covered patio with steps to the backyard.  Call 512-344-6000 to schedule a showing!

3902 Blue Monster Cove / MLS 4140147 / $229,900

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Round Rock Listing

Round Rock, Texas

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You have decided it’s time to sell your home and move on to one that is bigger (or smaller) or in a better neighborhood.  Maybe you are relocating to a new city.  You know where you want to go, but now you have to sell your home to make your move. 

Asking the right price for your home is very important!  Some sellers believe they will price their home high and if it does not sell, they feel they can always drop the price.  This is not a sound idea!  When a home is placed on the market for some time and does not sell at the initial asking price and then has to be dropped to become more in line with similar homes, it is no longer considered a “hot property” and is often passed over by real estate agents and buyers.  Of course, you want to sell at the

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Foreclosures have been a hot topic in the news lately.  We have all heard the stories about homeowners who have Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) and are now unable to cope with the pending increases in their monthly mortgage payments.  In many parts of the nation the number of foreclosures has risen sharply in the past year.  The Austin market has been mildly affected by this.  Foreclosures are actually down in Austin, but they are up in Round Rock (a suburb city north of Austin.)   

Many people have asked about the process of a foreclosure.  It starts when a borrower is unable to make payments on his mortgage loan to the lending institution or bank.  The lender then files a notice of public default.  The foreclosure process allows the lender to

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There are many good reasons why someone may wish to refinance their mortgage loan.  One reason to consider refinancing could be the incentive to switch from an adjustable rate product to a fixed rate loan.  Another reason is that borrowers may wish to use a "cash out" refinance loan that allows the homeowner to access the equity in their home to use for various purposes (like paying off credit cards or funding a college education.)

Of course the most common reason for mortgage refinancing has to do with interest rates.  Mortgages interest rates always fluctuate up and down, and when rates are lower than your current rate it is always worth consideration.  You will need to determine the upfront refinance costs versus the savings of the lower rate.  You…
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You have found a home that you love.  The neighborhood is convenient for shopping, schools and commuting to your workplace.  It has the right amount of rooms and is spacious.  The kitchen has modern appliances and the grounds are landscaped.  How do you get the owners to sell to you at a price that will not strain your finances?

Before you make the serious decision to make an offer on the house, walk around the neighborhood to be sure it is well kept up.  You should also speak to some of the neighbors who will probably tell you if the area is noisy or if there has been a problem with crime.  You can also find out about crime statistics from the local police department. 

A comparative market analysis should be done by your real estate agent relative to…
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When making a decision as to whether to buy a home or to rent one, considering the tax deductions on mortgage interest a homeowner receives should tip the scales in favor of owning your home.  The tax deduction provides a significant decrease in your monthly mortgage payment which - if you were a renter - would go to your landlord. 

The deduction allowed by the IRS is based on a number of factors in your financial picture.  However, whether you owe money at the end of the year or if you are lucky enough to receive a refund, the interest paid on your mortgage for the year is an allowance that is deductible from your taxes. 

When calculating the costs of renting a home as opposed to buying, first time home owners are usually very pleasantly surprised…
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When buyers are looking at purchasing a home they often focus on inspection reports and appraisals, but there is another important report to consider.  It is the property’s record of insurance claims.  When a claim is made on a home the insurance company sends a report to an insurance industry database.  This database is known as the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE).

When you apply for homeowners insurance the insurer not only checks your credit, but they also check the claim history for the property itself.  Did the home have a claim for flood damage, fire damage, or were medical claims paid for injuries at the property?  The insurance company may not issue coverage for a property with this type of history, and that could prevent the

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