Lexington Leaders Trying to Learn from Austins Success

Posted by James Brinkman on Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 4:06pm.

Austin has been so successful at building up its economy that leaders from other parts of the nation are visiting the city in order to learn its secret to success.

On June 5th, a group of around 300 community and business leaders from Lexington, Kentucky visited the city to learn more about how the city is developing its economy.  The visit was arranged by Commerce Lexington Inc, which is a business and recruiting organization.  During the three day visit, these leaders met with Austin officials and take tours of key points of interest.  The purpose was to take a closer look at Austin’s successes as well as the challenges Austin has had to face in certain areas of development.

The Lexington leaders and officials were mostly interested in the success Austin has had within the entertainment sector as well as how it has managed to develop such as well-educated workforce.  Lexington officials were also hoping to learn more about how Austin has developed such a strong base for the creative industries as well as the high-tech industries.

Austin certainly has developed an amazing mixture of people that are forward-thinking and filled with technological savvy while still embracing a variety of cultural experiences.  It was only a matter of time before leaders from other cities would start looking to bring the same mixture of people to their neighborhoods!

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