Enterprise Offers Two "Hybrid Branches" to Austin Residents and Visitors

Posted by James Brinkman on Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 1:48pm.

In keeping with the "green" movement that has long been going strong in Austin, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has recently decided to designate two of its locations in the city as "hybrid branches."  Although these branches will still have non-hybrid vehicles for rent, they will be home to a much larger concentration of hybrid vehicles than what is found at other Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches.

Austin isn't the only city that will enjoy the option to select a hybrid vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, as the company is planning to add almost 5,000 hybrid vehicles to its national fleet.  The decision to focus on hybrids at two of Austin's branches, however, can in response to the overwhelming demand for eco-friendly alternatives within the city.

"The ability to choose an environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient vehicle is important to many of our customers here in Austin" said Howard Zaroff, vice president and general manger of Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Austin in a Austin Biz Journals.  "More than doubling the number of hybrid vehicles in our fleet gives customers a greater selection at more locations, and being able to reserve these vehicles online is an added convenience."

Austin residents have the option to reserve the hybrid vehicles by phone or online.  Of course, they can also be reserved in person by visiting one of the two "hybrid branches."  One of these branches can be found at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport while the other can be found in Downtown Austin at 1201 West 5th Street.

Those interested in renting the hybrid vehicles, which use less gasoline and create fewer emissions than traditional vehicles, can also find them available for rent at almost 80 airport and neighborhood locations.  In fact, the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the Houston are will also each be home to four of these "hybrid branches."

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MarkJones wrote: Very interesting. Can't wait to try it out!

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Michellle wrote: Really Good Article any thing that can reduces the usage of Fossil Fuel is a great the thing !
Burning fossil fuels is filthy habit ! Renewable Energy is plentiful energy..

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