Austin Population is the 8th Fastest Growing in the Nation

Posted by Crystal Olenbush on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 at 5:10pm.

The recently conducted U.S. Census has shown that the population in Austin has grown significantly over the past year.  In fact, Austin Business Journal reports that the population increased by 2.4% since the July 2007 census, at which time the population in Austin was a healthy 734,074.  With the increase over the past year, the city has now added another 18,000 residents to its population.

Thanks to the recent population growth, Austin has officially been listed as the eight fastest growing city in the nation between July 2006 and July 2007.  Other Texas cities also made the list, including Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston, with the latter receiving 39,000 new residents during the one year time span.  As a result, Houston was officially ranked as the county's fastest growing city. 

According to Census data that was analyzed by the Capital Area Council of Government, many of Austin's suburbs were also listed within the fastest 25 cities throughout the state of Texas.  These included 22nd place Pflugerville, 19th place Georgetown, 16th place Round Rock and 11th place Cedar Park.

Due to the decline of the housing market throughout the nation, however, the executive director of the Capital Area Council of Government, Betty Voights, anticipates a slowing down in the area's population growth.

"Fewer people may be moving here now compared to the last few years," Voights told Austin Business Journal.  "We've seen five cities in the region double in population size over the past few years, so growth management will remain a challenge, regardless of the housing downturn."

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