Austin Parks and Rec Offers Archery Class

Posted by Crystal Olenbush on Monday, July 21st, 2008 at 10:27pm.

As if Austin didn’t already have enough to offer to its citizens, the Austin Park and Recreation Department is now offering a summer archery program.  This is the first year the program is being offered and it already has 36 people signed up.

The classes, which are being held in Packer Arena, are meeting twice per week.  Interestingly, participants range from young kids all the way to adults.  In addition, approximately 90% of the participants are taking an archery class for the first time thanks to the new program.

“The thing about archery is, you could be 80-years old and 600 pounds or 10-years old and 80 pounds and still be just as good at it,” instructor Steve Scott told the Austin Daily Herald.  “You could be in a wheelchair.  Anyone can shoot a bow and arrow.”

Scott went on to say that some of the kids enrolled in the program have picked up on the sport quite quickly.  In addition, three of his most skilled participants are girls, proving that gender and age have nothing to do with learning the sport.  It is also proving to be a great family event, as participant Gary Handel can attest to.

“I’m really glad we did it and I’d encourage other people to try it,” said Handel, whose 13-year old daughter is also participating in the program.  “It’s fun to bring your family out.”

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