Austin Launches New “Green” Website

Posted by Crystal Olenbush on Monday, July 28th, 2008 at 7:37pm.

The city of Austin is serious about going green.  In fact, the city is so serious that it has actually launched a new website aimed at help Austin residents learn how they can reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Deemed the Austin Climate Protection Plan, the website provides users with useful information about community events and initiatives taking place that will help them learn how to lower their carbon emissions.

The site offers a variety of tips and information for residents that are interested in going green.  This includes information regarding installing solar panels, planting trees, reducing greenhouse gases, and weatherizing the home.  It also provides information on current legislation and other steps the city is taking toward being more eco-friendly.

The Climate Protection Plan was approved by the Austin City Council in 2007.  In addition to launching the site, the plan also calls for making newly constructed buildings and homes more energy efficient.  It also calls or using more renewable sources of energy.

“There’s exceptionally high support in the community for the city’s climate protection program, but people want to know how they can get involved” said Mayor Will Wynn.  “This Web site is the first step in a series of community engagement efforts we’ll take this year to make sure everyone who wants to can play a role.  I’m really proud of the work staff has put into this Web site and hope Austinites will give us their feedback and make it even better.”

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