Austin Area Schools

We've put a whole bunch of information on these pages, to point you in the right direction as you look into the Austin area schools your kids will be growing up in. It's no small task to evaluate educational facilities from a distance, but we're confident that you'll find the resources here to help you learn enough about schools in Austin.

Austin's status as a leader in national education cannot be overemphasized. With schools' proximity to the TEA, and with senators' grandchildren attending schools in Austin, educators are expected to provide unparalleled services in Austin area schools. However, it's worth finding out whether the schools in your area match up to the group's standards. Start your research by following the links below.

Austin Area School Districts

Accolades for Texas Schools

After the 1996 National Education Summit, an independent organization was created to help American states to improve their education systems. It's called Achieve, Inc., and its report on Texas schools is a litany of praise for the Lone Star State's commitment to reform in the education sector.

"While the critical refrain heard from some about Texas is that only tests drive the education system, Achieve found a notable and unusual degree of alignment among standards, tests, curriculum, instruction, and teacher preparation and professional development."

Texas Education Agency