Cody Wickham

Realtor, MBA, Veteran

Cody brings his integrity, meticulous attention to detail, and in-depth awareness to Serving 6 years on active duty as a Technical Engineer in the United States Army has seamlessly translated into real estate as each stems from dedication and passion.

Cody spent some time in Austin during his stint at Fort Hood and fell in love with the city. Mesmerized by the food and culture to the limitless opportunity coupled with amazing people; he feels Austin truly is the best place to call “home”. He blends the straightforward style and hard work ethic with the fun, life-loving attitude of Austin. His broad range of life experiences and people-loving personality allows him to connect and relate to everyone proving to be invaluable when it comes to making every transaction as seamless as possible.

With the majority of his business based on trusted referrals, building a strong rapport with his clients is one of his top priorities. Known for his patience, tenacity, and calm demeanor, Cody prides himself on navigating any given situation and finding effective solutions to every challenge.

Cody prides himself on being an attentive Realtor and great father, dedicating his time away from clients to raising his son. He is equally passionate about hiking, swimming, eating delicious tacos, or hitting the sand volleyball courts anytime he has a chance.


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